The Wonderful Graffiti Blog!

I love graffiti. Always been fascinated with it since I was little. Its just a great art. So I thought the other day, "Hmmmm..... Why dont I make a website that lets people post wonderful graffiti for the whole world to see?!" So here we are. The Wonderful Graffiti Blog!

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You have a website? Well as you can see I do too! I am getting my website out there by using this. Check it out! Send me One Million FREE Guaranteed Visitors 

More Than Just Graffiti

 You like graffiti? Well make an account. You like art? You can still make an account, share your art. I love art and its completely welcome here! This is not just for graffiti because graffiti is art. So is art. LOL art is art. Stupid me. Well anyways, show us your work, maybe chat with people, make friends, invite people here. Whatever. Yep. :-)

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Chill. Just play some games if you feel like it!

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If you have a banner made with a HTML I will post it on this part of the website. Theres a small price though. All you have to do is put my HTML banner on your website and leave it there. Once its gone I take yours off.

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